Women's Groups 2013 - Woman’s Christian Temperance Union (WCTU) of Western Australia

Woman’s Christian Temperance Union (WCTU) of Western Australia

Purpose of the group

The WCTU started as a social reform group concerned with campaigning for the prohibition and/or individual abstinence from alcohol. Group members believed the dangers of alcohol could not be tackled in isolation so a wide range of reforms were pursued.

Enfranchisement of women was one of the group’s main objectives because the vote was seen as a vital tool in the fight against alcohol’s effect on the lives of women. The WCTU advocated for equal pay and, during the 1930s Depression, a relief committee was formed to provide financial aid to unemployed women.

The WCTU was an original member of the National Council of Women and had links to many other women’s organisations. The union was one of many women’s groups in Perth concerned with what was considered to be an increase in immorality during World War II, believed to be linked to alcohol.

The group’s motto is ‘for God, home and humanity’ and its badge is a white ribbon bow—the white represents purity and peace while the bow symbolises the bond between members around the world.

Time period

The WCTU was established in the United States as early as the 1870s and the first Australian branch was formed in Sydney in 1882. The WA branch was established in York in 1891 with a Perth branch forming in September 1892. Worldwide, the organisation continues to operate and, in WA, is now known as BREATHE (Believe, Renew, Equip, Advocate, Teach, Heal, Embrace).

Key achievements

For more than 100 years, WCTU members have written countless letters and petitions to raise awareness and promote the group’s values. Some of the many achievements include:

  • In 1894, members collected signatures for a petition to present to parliament, seeking the vote for women. When the signatures were pasted on to a roll of cloth, it measured a mile (1.6km).
  • A tearoom was opened in Perth by the WCTU in 1898 and accommodation and support was offered to young women who wanted to stop working in local brothels.
  • A ‘sailor’s rest’ was opened in Fremantle in 1900 because it was considered important for sailors to be kept away from harmful shore leave activities. A restaurant—the Leisure Hour Club—opened about same time and was the only restaurant in Perth where alcohol was not permitted yet the venue still made a small profit.

Key people and positions in the group

  • Emily Hensman was inaugural president.
  • Other presidents included Mrs Ferguson, Mrs Gover, Miss Forsyth, Mrs Medcalf, Mrs Driver, Mrs Althorp, Mrs Hart, Mrs Curtis, Mrs Burnett, Mrs Muir McCulloch, Mrs Nightingale, Mrs Vallance, Mrs Wilkins, Mrs Humphrys, Mrs Hlland, Mrs Wilkins, Mrs Eddy, Mrs Magill, Mrs Palmers, Mrs Lawrence, Mrs Edwards and Mrs Adams.


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