Inductees 2016 - Roll of Honour - Sister Mary Martin Kelly (1930 - 1987)

Roll of Honor - Sister Mary Martin Kelly (1930 - 1987)

Sister Mary Martin Kelly received an MBE in 1979 for her services to Wembley’s Catherine McAuley Centre.

Under her guidance, the Centre adopted a family care model, which recognised that family breakdown could be detrimental to the psychological wellbeing of children and teenagers–a concept not previously taken into consideration. Sister Kelly reformed the living conditions of children who were wards of the State, and others who were privately placed in care due to family breakdown or crisis. She ensured that siblings were able to remain together.

Sister Kelly also introduced help for children with special needs including occupational and speech therapy and psychological care. Sister Kelly also recognised the need to provide a specific type of care for homeless and at-risk teenagers, which included transition towards independent living.

Her Induction certificate will be collected by her long term colleague and friend Sister Perpetua.

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