Inductees 2016 - Roll of Honour - Ruby Florence Hutchison (1892 – 1974)

Roll of Honor - Ruby Florence Hutchison (1892 – 1974)

Ruby was also a community activist who campaigned for the rights of women to serve on juries, for child welfare, education and housing.

Most notably she established the Australian Consumers Association, and the publishing of Choice magazine in 1960. She advocated over many years for women’s representation in parliament, full adult suffrage in the Upper House and people with disabilities (she was a member of the WA Epilepsy Association) and was active in many community organisations.

As a single mother of 7 children, Hutchison was a trailblazer for women in government and community activism.

She did not comply with the mores of the time regarding women’s abilities and was only the second woman to be suspended from Parliament after refusing to withdraw her remark that she was ashamed to be a member of such an undemocratic chamber.

Her induction certificate will be collected by The Hon. Lyla Elliot who succeeded Ruby

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